The Brixton Town Centre Safer Neighbourhood Panel was constituted in August 2006 at a specially convened meeting run by the police to communicate and engage the community around the concept of Safer Neighbourhood Panels. Since April last year, every ward in London has had a Safer Neighbourhood Team of Police (generally 1 Sergeant, 2 Constables and 3 Police Community Support Officers). This left Brixton Town Centre in the anomalous position of having a much larger policing team, but no Community Panel – for that reason a Community was instituted, drawn from a public meeting. The purpose of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel (SNP) is to represent the views of Brixton Town Centre resident and business communities on policing issues and to work with the Police Town Centre Team and Community Safety Partners to promote community reassurance and safety, and to impact on criminality and anti–social behaviour.

The geographical boundaries of Brixton Town Centre Community Panel are delineated in the map.

  BTC map

The remit of the Panel is broad, and to date has focused on a range on issues and initiatives.

 The frequency of Panel meetings vary depending on the number and nature of the issues that arise, and to date have been held approximately every 6 weeks. The Panel currently had 7 Community Members (representing residents, traders and users), 2 police members (the Chief Inspector and Inspector with responsibility for Brixton) with 4 observers (a Councillor for Coldharbour, from the Drug and Alcohol Action Team, from LBL’s Community Safety Division and from the Community Police Consultative Group for Lambeth).  We anticipate holding our first AGM  September 2007, where we will be looking for new members and to appoint/reappoint positions of Chair and Secretary.  Details of this AGM will be posted on the web

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