No Deal

June 1, 2007

The No Deal operation, directed at street dealing in Brixton Town Centre has now been in place for 17 months. This includes a positive arrest policy in respect of cannabis possession. Monitoring of the police results from the operation has shown: 

  • The majority of those arrested have been over 21 (there was concern that there  would be a preponderance of youth);

  • 50% of those arrested give an address outside the borough;

  • The arrest rate has generally been higher than that historically achieved across Lambeth;

  • Whilst a majority of those arrested have been cannabis associated, there has been a substantial arrest rate for Class A possession and/or dealing.

  • It has proved difficult to track arrests through to court outcomes, systematically and routinely because of inadequacies in IT systems.

 The routine police activity against dealing has been augmented from time to time by more concerted operations, based on extended surveillance and covert intelligence gathering. ‘Operation Kibler’, over the Christmas period 2006, was such an operation which resulted in several arrests of an organised network operating in the Town Centre. The impact on the quality of life in the Town Centre was favourably commented on by residents, users and traders.  There is currently work underway targeting commercial premises used by dealers as bolt-holes.

Over the whole period, community feedback has generally been favourable – that the Town Centre has come some way since December 2005. However, it is clear that street dealing is very resilient, and quickly re-establishes itself if pressure eases off.

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