Dispersal Zone

June 1, 2007

 In the last couple of years, residents of Saltoun Road have been experiencing increased levels of crime and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) surrounding drugs. This ASB spills over to the surround roads (Kellett Road and Rushcroft Road) 

Following complaints from residents over a prolonged period and extensive consultation with residents and the wider community, in part through the SNP, the implementation of a dispersal zone within a defined area was agreed.  The SNP has been involved in the process for several months and provided feedback that has led to changes in the proposals, predominantly around the area covered by the zone Discussion at the Panel centred around balancing the clear need to support the residents of the residential areas with concerns around freedom to use public spaces and the potential difficulties and conflicts which could emerge from policing too wide a zone.

The Panel considered initial proposals, from the police, for a Town Centre wide zone, 24 hours each day, and proposed instead a zone restricted to the residential streets and Windrush Square, during the night time hours.  The Panel was subsequently persuaded that there would be significant operational and ‘temporal-displacement’ problems with a time restriction, and agreed to support a 24 hr zone, but limited geographically as it had originally suggested.  

The Police have committed to providing the SNP with regular feedback to help monitor the time, location and nature of orders granted. The power to issue orders will in the  main be restricted to officers with experience of the Town Centre or (in the case of probationary officers on ‘Street Duties’ courses, under close supervision of experienced Town Centre Officers. 

The authorisation is for a Section 30 Anti-Social Dispersal Zone of a six month period covering Rushcroft, Saltoun, and Kellett Roads, Vining Street, Rattray Road between Saltoun and Kellett, Electric lane between Rushcroft and Coldharbour and Windrush Square.  The implementation of a dispersal zone in this area will allow police to respond to the serious activities which are of major concern to the residents of this area, by requiring individuals demonstrating ASB to leave the zone for 24hrs. In partnership with the council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team those who breach the terms of the conditions and who are known offenders will be put forward for ASBO’s.

The authorisation will run from May 21 2007, for six months.

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